Special Education Learning and Resource Conference.

October 25th Saturday
Exhibiting 10a -4p Speakers 10 - 8pm
 3rd Annual Special Education Learning and Resource Conference.
Cardinal Cushing Centers 405 Washington Street,  Hanover

Exhibitors For this years 2014 Event Exhibiting 10a -4p
Access to Advocacy
Specialized in developing Collaboration between School Districts and Families to help all children with disabilities reach their Educational and Functional potential. IEP and 504 planning, preparing, writing, attending meetings and educating families or rights for children with special needs:  autism, developmental delay, learning and reading disorders, adhd, communication and speech delay, social emotional and psychological disorders.  Making your team meetings fair and proactive through education of laws that protect.
Kim Carvette, M.Ed.   Norwell, MA  617-312-9694 kim.advocacy@gmail.com

Brian McLaughlin LLC, Esq.

Practice Areas: Unemployment, Family Law and Special Education Advocacy. 75 Arlington St., Suite 500 Boston, MA 02116 857.241.3689 brian@bmjrlaw.com www.bmjrlaw.com

Cardinal Cushing Centers

Provides individuals of all ages and abilities opportunities to discover the benefits of a supportive and vibrant intergenerational community. Michelle Markowitz, Vice President, Admissions and Outreach 405 Washington Street, Hanover. 781-829-1205

Lindamood-Bell Learning Center

Our research-validated instructional programs strengthen reading, comprehension, and math skills by developing the sensory-cognitive functions that form the foundation of learning. Christina Seremetis, M.A.  Center Director. 515 Washington Street, Norwell, MA 800-233-1819

(need description here) Dr. Mark Stonkus, CC-AASP, LMHC, CSCS. Owner/Founder mark@mbxtraining.com 781. 733.2880

Safety Net

Ralph Poland Law Enforcement Liaison Marshfield Police (Ret.) SafetyNet by LoJack 40 Pequot Way Canton, MA 02021 rpoland@lojack.com 508-530-1595

The Moody Street Group
Jude J. Kostas, Esquire 774.215.0057 judekostas@aol.com
Foxboro Office: 132 Central Street, Suite 208, Foxboro, MA
Rhode Island Office: 349 Hope Street Providence, RI 02906
Dedham Office: 30 Eastbrook Road, Suite 40,1 Dedham, MA 02026
www.judekostaslaw.com and  www.moodystreet.com  

Jude J Kostas AND ‘The Moody Street Group, LLC Special Needs Team.
Caring for a person with special needs takes special planning. Particular
needs will always be present, and you must consider and prepare for them.
taking steps now can help secure your dependent’s well-being, today and
tomorrow. During this Workshop Attorney Jude J Kostas will cover areas you
should consider including your dependent’s legal, Financial, medical and
educational needs.  www.judekostaslaw.com and  www.moodystreet.com          

Dr. Mark Stonkus, CC-AASP, LMHC, CSCS., Owner/Founder, MBX Training. Presents FIT OUT. How fitting out is cooler than fitting in the box.

Judy Giovangelo Presenting: A POWERFUL VOICE FOR CHANGE, Raising Confident & Resilient Youth. Through this inspirational presentation and Judy's story of life and loss, you will learn: The Power of Choice, How to identify & embrace the inner bully/critic, The Power of Intention in Action, How to shift from competition (bully) to collaboration & contribution, Tools to Reduce Stress and Increase Self Esteem & Confidence, Positive Channels for Emotional Expression.

Judy Giovangelo is an energetic, vulnerable, inspirational teacher and healer. She brings compassion and understanding to the challenges of life and provides insight and tools to her audience.  "You are truly my biggest inspiration!  You've been through so much in your life yet still have a positive attitude about everything!  I don't know how you do it,  but you're doing incredible things with it. I loved the demonstration with the strong/weak arms and also loved the daffodil principal.  Very good analogy for our thoughts.  Judy has the power to change so many lives and possibly even save lives.  She has an incredible story and message that the whole world deserves to hear!"
Adrienne Osbourne,  Keene State University 2011

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As a child I lived with my extended family, 14 in all. From a very young age I
saw how medication was often the focal point of the conversation. Our house
was riddled with illness; bi-polar disorder, diabetes, epilepsy, emphysema,
learning disabilities, and alcoholism.


Thank you for all that you do to make people's lives a better and healthier.
Helen Moyer

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